Wednesday 1 September 2010

Clare Maguire - Let's Begin

Music, being the fashionable and evolving beast it is, doesn’t hang around for long; particularly where blogs are concerned. Breaking More Waves took a short holiday and by the time we got back, there had been a deluge of releases, gigs, festivals and new songs that we had missed. So just for today we’re playing catch up with a couple of Breaking More Waves favourites that it would be a crime to ignore as well as our regular daily blog.

First up is Clare Maguire. After an incredibly long wait - we first wrote about the pale skinned songstress way back in January 2009 and then listed her in December as one of our Ones to Watch for 2010 - Clare Maguire is stepping out of the shadows. With a few selected dates supporting Hurts in October followed by an intensive slog around the country supporting Plan B, Clare is getting ready to slay the unknowing with her huge gutsy voice. Her debut single Ain’t Nobody will be released around the same time as the tour.

For now there’s a trailer video for the single, which at 37 seconds long, isn’t a huge amount, but like a singleton desperate for a partner, after 18 months wait, we’ll take whatever we can. The vocal reveals something a little similar to Sharleen Spiteri in its rich soulful sound, with menacing electronic music underneath. There’s also a remix of her song The Strangest Thing which we’re featuring as a download below. The Strangest Thing was originally given away as one of a set of songs from her original website back in 2009, but it has now been re-recorded for a further free download from her site, her vocal slightly lighter than the smoky and ballsy original which captivated with its minimalist but powerful approach. An album which we understand may be called Light After Dark will follow in the future.

Apart from the Grand National we’re not the betting sort, but if we were, we’d be putting some money on this tip. The form looks good (solo female singers continue to do well in the charts), she certainly can sing live (as we witnessed at her only solo show since leaving the studio following her work with Fraser T here), has a major label deal plus importantly her songs have the potential to appeal to a wide mainstream fan base. The Sound of 2011 ? Clare Maguire ? Possibly.

Clare Maguire - The Strangest Thing (Bloodshy & Avant Version) by Breaking More Waves

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