Friday 11 January 2013

Wilsen - New Waves

Are you sitting comfortably? Ok, good then we’ll begin. Today we introduce Wilsen from New York, although lead singer Tamsin has UK roots.

Press play and breathe deeply and slowly. Take your time. This isn’t to be rushed. This is a musical journey. It takes 7 minutes to fully unfurl itself.

Taken from the bands mini album Sirens which was released last year (our blog-brother / general musical connoisseur Leigh from Just Music That I Like named it as his third favourite of 2012) Anahita begins full of quiet folky stillness and elegiac restraint. There’s nothing more than there needs to be but nothing less than is just right. Don’t drop a pin whilst listening because even that will make too much clatter amongst the hush. But eventually the clatter comes, as a boldly galloping mid-section reveals itself and then slowly drifts away again. As we said, it’s a journey and a rather wondrous one at that.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Lanterns on the Lake or in particular Daughter, Wilsen might just possibly be your next new favourite band. This song will be released as a single both digitally and physically from the their website on the 18th February and we understand that they are writing and recording songs for their debut album proper for release later this year.

We look forward to hearing that part of the story as and when it appears. This is absorbing.

Wilsen - Anahita