Monday 28 January 2013

Py - Black Magic (Video)

The internet and music; it’s global right? Local scenes may still exist but the chance of one emerging to be a dominant game changer nationally or internationally are now much lower than they were before. Blogs, online streaming and social networks combined with the smaller importance of physical sales and the rise of the bedroom musician may have increased the scope of what we’re able to listen to but often at the expense of missing stuff on our own doorstep.

Breaking More Waves is located on the south coast of the UK (it’s one of a number of reasons why the blog is called what it is) but because of the globalisation of music we very rarely feature tunes that have any connection with our home town. It’s too easy to fall in love with stuff from New York, Stockholm, London or Glasgow. So today it makes a rather pleasant change to feature a track from a label based in the heart of Pompey. Sounds of Sumo was born in 2010 after a variety of club nights and has already put out the first releases from the likes of Kry Wolf and Canblaster and this is their latest.

Black Magic by Py, (not to be confused with that K-Pop beast) produced by Kadabrah is a terrific funky pop tune taken from a mix tape called Tripping On Wisdom and will soon be released on Sounds of Sumo. With beats that sound like they’ve been conjured from one of those Glastonbury stone circle sunrise moments and sultry vocals that match the effortless cool of Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge this song is sounds about as far away from Portsmouth as its possible to be. It certainly takes us somewhere else.

Py - Black Magic (Video)

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Unknown said...

Cool vid. Very different. I'm fan of the costuming.