Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Vestals - Seventeen

Perfect Pain, the debut song from The Vestals fizzed like a packet of Mentos shoved in a bottle of Coke last year, drawing comparisons with The Cure, The Strokes and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, all bands who have demonstrated that it’s possible to make giddy pop music with guitars. At the time we wrote about this Welsh group our man in the north and one of our favourite blogsters Andy Von Pip from The Von Pip Musical Express enquired of us in the comments section of  Breaking More Waves if the song in question had been rereleased having already featured the tune on VPME way back last April. 

The answer was no. But now it’s yes because one of our favourite label and blog types in London (that’s enough internet loving, this site isn’t a dating agency after all) Killing Moon is putting Perfect Pain out on 7 inch on Feb 11. Hurrah!

To celebrate, we’re streaming the b-side of Perfect Pain below. It’s called Seventeen. It’s a moment of classic indie pop guaranteed to make you feel lightheaded with joy. Press play and dance round your bedroom as if you were…er seventeen.

The Vestals - Seventeen

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