Thursday 17 January 2013

Blaenavon - Into The Night

Spotting potential in a band is a mug's game. But we still like to play. For every new group in their early stages posted on Breaking More Waves that go on to create great art in the future (and possibly gain some sort of critical or commercial success from it) there are many more who end up failing to live up to our expectations. But it doesn’t stop us trying to spot that seed that may grow upwards at an early stage and support it. For many new artists just knowing that someone out there thinks what you’re doing is good is enough to motivate them further.

We heard a whiff of musical promise from whippersnappers Blaenavon  around this time last year, particularly in their 7 minute opus Swans (sadly now deleted from Soundcloud). Since then they've played Breaking More Waves hometown of Portsmouth a couple of times including the independent Southseafest as well some London shows and are now preparing to release their debut single Into The Night. It comes backed by Denim Patches, one of the songs that we originally featured on that first blog post through Transgressive label's (Foals, Theme Park) imprint paradYse on the 11th March.

Into The Night might initially sound like indie by numbers but as it progresses you’ll realise that Blaenavon are striving for something more here. There's skyscraping sonic ambition present, their youth (none of them are yet old enough to buy a drink at a bar) not holding them back. If The Maccabees and Wild Beasts feature in your record collection then why not put Blaenavon down as your next must buy?

Blaenavon - Into The Night

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