Tuesday 15 January 2013

Monarchy ft Dita Von Teese - Disintegration (Video)

Sometimes on Breaking More Waves we go on a bit don’t we?

Blogs about blogging, 400 words about a new song where only 20 of those describe the song, sex analogies, food analogies, analogies of analogies, musical theories about how pop (and we mean pop in its broadest sense to include rock, indie, dance etc) has reached middle aged and everything is just a repeat of something gone before. See we’re doing it again and going on and on when really all we need to say is this:

This is Monarchy. We thought they’d called it a day, but it seems they haven’t. 

We’re very glad they haven’t, because this new single, recorded with Dita von Teese is all sorts of turn up the strobes and take off your clothes amazing.

Dancefloor. Get on it. Now.

This is the sound of Disintegration

How I Feel Love would have sounded in 2013.


Monarchy ft Dita Von Teese - Disintegration (Video)

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