Monday, 7 January 2013

Pretty Heart - Toy (Video)

Ever since we pressed play on Pretty Heart’s music for the first time we’ve become more and more obsessed; her ghostly electronic sonnets have 100% given us the chills. Beyond the music we adore her videos, for they show someone with a strong performance ethic somewhat akin to a PJ Harvey in training. Her movements and dancing aren’t Cheryl Cole sex-crab choreographed to perfection, instead retaining a sense of improvisation, humour and even campness. It’s like watching Robyn sauntering out of a performance of The Rocky Horror Show – and that’s a good thing.

You’ll have probably already heard Toy which we streamed back in December and now Morgan (who is Pretty Heart) has revealed a new film for the song, which despite its relatively low budget limitations retains a D-I-Y charm that makes us think someone needs to give this girl a proper record deal and give her the chance to be a monumentally edgy pop star, or at least get her to come and play in the UK.

Don’t forget you can grab loads of her material (including this song) for free from her Bandcamp.

Pretty Heart - Toy (Video)

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