Wednesday 9 January 2013

SPC ECO - Push

Whilst SPC ECO have never featured on Breaking More Waves before, we’re not introducing them under our normal New Waves banner as the group have been writing, recording and releasing material since 2008, so are probably not to be considered as new. Furthermore our history with SPC ECO goes even further back in time as their multi-instrumentalist and producer is Dean Garcia. Those who have a few years under their belts or have depth of indie music knowledge will remember Garcia from indie-shoegaze-electronic-rock group Curve who combined densely layered guitars with Toni Halliday’s dark ethereal vocals to form some spectacular records such as debut EP Blindfold (one of our favourite EP’s from 1991) as well albums Doppelganger and Cuckoo.

Now Garcia records as SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) with Rose Berlin and if there seems to be an intuitive chemistry between the two of them it is because Berlin is Garcia’s daughter.

Whilst this duo already has a significant backlog of material behind them (have a look at their Bandcamp), the track that has caught our attention is Push, which features on their EP of the same name released this week. Throbbing with haunting synth tensions, Push places itself somewhere between Depeche Mode and Garbage with a horrow show darkness that makes us shudder with delight. Now, we’re off to revisit that Curve back catalogue….

SPC ECO - Push

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Alpo said...

Awesome, love Curve and love SPC ECO.Check out their track called Another Day, just something special.