Saturday 26 January 2013

Bastille - Pompeii (Video)

Look. It’s quite simple really.

There’s good pop and there’s bad pop.

It doesn’t need an intellectual debate about it, quite simply a good pop song contains at least some of the following.

A good tune

A good tune

A good tune

And most importantly….

A good tune.

Pompeii by Bastille has a good tune several times over and therefore for any discerning contemporary music fan is quite obviously good pop.

There’s been quite a bit of debate around recently about how the UK singles chart is like the sewer of pop, full of stinking turds of songs.

Pompeii is like Dyno-Rod coming along and jet washing the whole thing.

If you like pop music, if you care about the state of the UK charts, it is your duty to pre-order this song (here’s the link) and ensure that come its official release date it secures a high chart position. £1.49 will get you the song, a b-side and 3 remixes. Let’s put that in perspective. That’s less than the price of 4 Andrex toilet rolls from Tesco and they just end up down the drain covered in shit.

Bastille - Pompeii (Video)

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Unknown said...

I love your attitude on buying music vs toilet rolls:P You're right about this song too. Soo catchy.