Thursday 24 January 2013

Clare Maguire - Happy Anniversary (Demo)

It’s not often we do this but sometimes music just can’t wait. One of our blog rules is only to post one track each morning and then occasionally one in the early evening. But when we saw and heard this we decided it was time to break some rules. After all that's what makes life exciting.

For anyone who has followed this blog from back in the day, you will know that we got very very excited about Clare Maguire early doors. Maybe her album didn’t quite reach everybody’s expectations, but (and it’s a big but - but not the sort of butt that you can see in the Soundcloud player below ) one of the problems of our hump ‘em and dump ‘em short attention span age is that we’re too quick to put the metaphorical bullet to the head of the artist. Remember, the secret of all great music and art is time.

So time passes and now Maggie is back.

Gone are the mammoth string laden studio pop songs and instead we get something that reminds us a little of some of her very early demos we heard. Happy Anniversary is all bluesy and wild-west, her voice restrained but strong as ever she sings of cheating hearts. “This song was written after spending an evening with my ex, what was supposed to be a special occasion turned out to be a giant hazy dose of our morbid reality...”, says Clare. This is just a demo? Hell, we’d say leave it at that and forget rerecording it, don’t suck its soul.

Consider us smitten. Consider us breathless. Consider us back in love with Clare Maguire. 100%

Clare Maguire - Happy Anniversary (Demo)


Mark said...

I gave Clare quite a bit of abuse last on Twitter about uploading some music, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she responded via SoundCloud today.

Andy Von Pip said...

Much better ... this is what she did so well originally. Somehow the record label completely ballsed her sound up and turned her into something homogenised and dull.

steve said...

Agree with the above comment listened to her a few year's back thought she was brilliant, but the label somehow messed it up. This however is incredible.