Monday 7 January 2013

Chasing Grace - Dinner Will Be Served

One of the general theories, amongst those of us who like to come up with arguments and proposals about music (ready to be proved horrendously wrong) is that the internet has cross fertilised genres and tribes to the point where there will never be one dominant scene ever again.

19 year-old Philip Plested and 17 year-old Grace Ackerman aka Chasing Grace first graced this blog (ok that’s enough graces for one blog post) in November 2012 as we named them as one of our Ones to Watch for 2013 and they very much fit this music as an amalgamation idea. It seems that (rather like the likes of Ed Sheeran before them) they’re not content with just hanging out with one set of musicians that fit a blinkered window of the world (a criticism that could be labelled at indie rock traditionalists perhaps?) and are happy to mix it up with urban artists as well as more traditional acoustic singer songwriter types. From collaborating with Devlin on his forthcoming album to playing gigs with modern soul artist’s like Joel Culpepper at The Jazz Café, covering Swedish House Mafia and supporting over exposed pop types like Emeli Sande it seems that Chasing Grace are following a modern pick and mix approach to exposing their music.

So take a listen to their song Dinner Will Be Served, which from the limited information we have we understand will be on a forthcoming EP. We hear (as we’ve said before about their music) a touch of Ben Howard, The Staves but also a pop /soul sound in the female vocal.

Chasing Grace - Dinner Will Be Served

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