Friday 18 January 2013

Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat (Video)

We have to shamefacedly admit that we’ve taken our eye off the ball when it comes to Gazelle Twin since we first introduced her back in April 2011. Music bloggers sometimes get accused of metaphorically humping and dumping an artist but often the reality is just that there’s so much music we enjoy (new and old) and not enough time to consume it all let alone write about it.

But today we’ve finally made it back to Gazelle Twin and this new video for Heartbeat, her cover of a song from Wire’s album Chair’s Missing. It features on her forthcoming Mammal EP which is due on February 28th. The EP itself was inspired by Ennio Morricone’s score for the film The Thing directed by John Carpenter. Certainly Heartbeat has a soundtrack feel, you can almost sense the black solitude of a an underground cell or dungeon in the mood of the music as Elizabeth Walling sings of feeling icy, cold, empty and dark with the original’s chugging heaviness replaced with pulsing elecrtronics.

The video itself reveals very little. Like the song it has a beautiful simplicity to it.

Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat (Video)

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