Tuesday 29 January 2013

Indiana - Bound

So the Soundcloud stream suggests that the artist is called Raider of Arks, but we probably know her better as Indiana, who we last found covering Frank Ocean. Now she’s back with Bound, which sounds like the sort of thing that Portishead might have created if they’d been influenced a little by R’n’B. Or maybe imagine if Ellie Goulding got a bit f*cked up and unromantic.

Bound comes from the black minimal underbelly of pop. It’s a song about corruption, domination and submission. There’s no sentimental beauty here. “This isn’t love it’s dangerous,” sings Indiana her voice intimate and fragile. You’ll probably be a bit creeped out by it. Yet once it’s finished, you’ll probably want to play it again, such is the strange attraction of the dark side.

Indiana plays her first London show March 14 at Old St Pancras Church.

Indiana - Bound

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