Friday 25 January 2013

Salt Ashes - Black Celebration

Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration is one of our all-time favourite albums from the 80’s. It’s a record that manages to beautifully juxtapose human emotion with the music of machines and melody. So it was with some trepidation when we pressed play on this new version of the title track by Brighton’s Salt Ashes.

Thankfully our nerves were soon settled. Nobody is likely to surpass the original; how can you better perfection? But this is very good all the same.

Starting with a similar electronic intro to the masterpiece, the track soon drops away into something spacious and minimal, allowing you to focus on the words. “Your optimistic eyes, seem like paradise, to someone like me.” Even when we hear those lyrics 27 years on it makes us feel impossibly romantic. “Consolation, I want so much, want to feel your touch, tonight.” Oh! Consider us completely blown over and taken.

Although there’s minimalism within this version there’s also clouts of mountainous electronic oomph as well, which combined with Salt Ashes sensual voice means that we’re happily able to celebrate the fact that we’ve seen the back of another black day.

You can find more (new) Salt Ashes here.

Salt Ashes - Black Celebration

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Unknown said...

It's always hard with covers not to play idol judge and compare with the original. But this recording stacks up pretty well on its own.