Thursday 10 January 2013

San Zhi - The Ex-Factor

Having become rather animated about San Zhi’s debut EP last year, we’re now pleased to see that the band have put the whole thing up online for your listening pleasure, and what a pleasure it is. Back in the days of the Madchester scene of around '89 and '90 Inspiral Carpets fans wore t-shirts that proclaimed that they were as ‘cool as f*ck’. Well we couldn’t give a hipster on a snowdrift about cool, but if we did, we reckon that the Ice Light EP would be the musical equivalent of those t-shirts. 2 original songs and 2 covers (of Robyn S and Lauryn Hill respectively), it’s a highly desirable musical experience, demonstrating that just because something is cool doesn't mean it can't be brilliant as well. Important note: This is probably the only time we will ever describe the words Ex-Factor and brilliant in the same line ( albeit the spelling is slightly different). Stream one of the covers below. 

Warning - even the frostiest amongst you will probably just melt when you hear Suraya sing “this is crazy.” And it's OK, you can blame (or maybe thank) us as you part with 2 measly quid by clicking here to actually own these beauties. You’d be mad (or very tight) not to do so.

San Zhi play alongside a great line-up that includes previously blogged Brolin, Syron and Please at the Old Blue Last in London on the 23rd Jan and entry is free. If only we were a few miles closer, we’d be there like a shot.

San Zhi - The Ex-Factor

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Unknown said...

Thank you for introducing me to San Zhi - brilliant.