Sunday 6 January 2013

Hurts - Miracle

So what do we all think of the new Hurts single then?

A few days ago we suggested that the first taster from their new record Exile positioned them on a rather exciting path to the world of darkness.

Now we have Miracle.

It is quite obviously a ‘big’ song.

It has a throw your arms out around the world vastness that makes the path turn into a bid wide road. A motorway even.

It sounds a lot like Simple Minds circa 1985-1990 (The Once Upon A Time and Street Fighting Years period). This is not a bad thing. Hurts have always sounded ambitious and Miracle seems to possess an even greater sense of scale and drama ready for arenas. Shut your eyes and imagine thousands of people hollering along to the “woah-oh-oh” segments. See we’ve done well so far; we haven’t mentioned Coldplay.

So, whilst Miracle is undeniably still Hurts, it’s a development.

We suspect they’ll lose a few of their electronic-head fans with this one, (the picture above gives the clue why) but they could easily replace them with the sort of person who will happily pay £65 to stand in a huge soulless shed and drink warm lager from a plastic pint after having consumed a piss poor burger in a stale bread roll and 'experience' a gig.

Go on then, we’ll have chips with that. 

Hurts - Miracle (Audio Stream Video)

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