Thursday 1 January 2015

The One Thing We Want To Happen To Music And The Internet In 2015

A year ago today we posted a piece titled 20 Things We Want To Happen To Music And The Internet In 2014. It ended up being our most viewed post of the year. (You can read it here.)

Of those 20 things only 2 happened fully:

1.The Mercury Prize got back to including some surprise / dark horse records on the list; one of them even won it. (It was our album of the year as well). 2. The 24 hour blogathon that we participated in raised a significant amount of money for Cancer Research. 

A couple of our wishes partly happened. X Factor got scrapped in the USA (but the boring UK monstrosity continues) and Charli XCX became a proper pop star, although sadly Chloe Howl didn’t and rumour has it she’s been dropped by her record label before she’s even had a chance to release an album. Sad faces all round on that one.

So one year on the obvious thing to do would be to run a similar feature opening our account for 2015. After all, we received a hit deluge last year as the post was shared around, maybe the same would happen this year?

Except…….no. There's no list of 20 things. This year we just want one thing to happen to music and the internet.

It’s quite a simple thing really. 

We just want there to be some really bloody A.M.A.Z.I.N.G music.  

We want to hear songs that absolutely illuminate life. We want songs that make us want to dance, sing, laugh, cry…. make us feel something inside. We want songs that don’t make us feel ashamed to shout from the rooftops ‘THIS IS F*CKIN’ BRILLIANT’ irrespective of if that song is on a major label, an indie or an unsigned d-iy artist. We want songs that will be explosively exotic one night stands as well as ones that make us fall in real love and become life partners. We want albums that will blow us away with their creativity and their ability to make us rethink everything we knew about music. We want music to continue to soundtrack our life and to create memories that will last forever.

And we want to try and document some of that music on the blog.

Happy New Year.

We’re really looking forward to it. We hope you are to.

Let’s not stop the music.

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