Wednesday 14 January 2015

Clarence Clarity - Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash

If you’ve been following Clarence Clarity from his earliest releases such as The Gospel Truth and 4GODSLUV (or even before that in other earlier incarnations) through to more recent offerings such as Bloodbarf, you’ll probably be starting to get a sense of what he’s doing by now. We’re still trying to capture it in just a few words, but there's such a melee of sounds it's pretty complex. “Electronic circus freak zone,” was our very first attempt on our introducing post back in 2013 and that still seems reasonably accurate, although maybe we’d add in the words mangled, warped and funked to describe the music of this strange scientist of sound.

Anyway, however we define the noise he makes, Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash is more of it. “Hollywood at the witchhouse with reptiles and the catholics,” he chants meaningfully, even though we have no idea what he's on about. But then does all art have to have meaning? Can’t it just sound (or look) good?

Clarence Clarity unleashes himself live this year as he goes out on tour supporting Jungle. For what is essentially a very studio based sound, it will be fascinating to see if he can pull it off live. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed as we’ll be letting you know the answer to that question at the first date of that tour in Breaking More Waves home city of Portsmouth. Clarence Clarity’s album No Now (which is rumoured to go the whole shebang at 20 tracks long) is released in March.

Clarence Clarity - Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash

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