Monday 26 January 2015

Archis - New Waves

Coming our way today via Neon Gold we’re introducing Archis, the project of Dia Frampton (you may remember her from Meg & Dia days) and Joseph Trapanese. Their song Blood is so vast, so wide screen, so infinitely monumental that calling it pop seems to do the song a disservice. But pop it is, albeit pop that has broader shoulders than anything we’ve heard for quite a while. Take a listen and once you have heard the tune's luscious composition it will come as no surprise to learn that Trapanese has experience working on film scores; for this is as cinematic as you can get. There’s strings, there’s big military drums and yet there’s also moments of softness as warm keys embrace Dia’s entry into the arena, before Blood rises up with its ‘let’s go for blood’ clarion call and slays everything in its wake. Stunning.

Archis release their debut EP on February 23rd via Nettwerk. 

Archis - Blood

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OSCA said...

Nice, love the epic arrangement of it! Pop but still bigger than pop!