Thursday 15 January 2015

Silk Cinema - New Waves

Here’s a track from a new solo artist that landed in our in box a few days ago and at that stage the artist in question didn’t even have a name. Correction - obviously she did have a name, but at that stage she didn’t have a pop star name. Of course some people are just born pop stars; Madonna and Prince for example just use their real names – hell, why would you change if you’re already called Prince? But even the likes of David Bowie took on a pop star name (David Jones didn’t really cut the mustard) and these days in the age of the Google search your pop star i.d has to be built for search engine optimisation as much as anything else. It’s why bad spelling and random words that make no obvious sense together have become far and far more popular over the last few years.

So we bring you Silk Cinema, a name that makes no sense and hence is a suitable moniker ripe for the internet. Of course there’s probably some deeply ridiculous justification to the name about the singer’s silky tones and film-star beauty or something like that, but we’re pretty sure it’s really just for Google. Although when we searched, we did find this, which we quite like, but it’s sold out. 

Hope, Silk Cinema's debut song, was released yesterday (on her birthday) and adopts a gentle groove, some twiddly electronics and a touch of soul ready to send you shimmying to the dancefloor. It’s dance music for sophisticated parties; the sort where you spill expensive white wine on the carpet rather than cheap lager. The kind of party we aspire to. Invites accepted with thanks. Anyone?

Silk Cinema - Hope

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