Wednesday 28 January 2015

Kate Tempest - Bad Place For A Good Time

It was a joy to listen to Kate Tempest being interviewed about her Mercury prize nomination last year. There was a refreshing positivity to Kate’s words and expression, thankful for the fact that people were understanding the intention of her record that she described as ‘a ridiculous album that we were so excited about.’ Now with a UK tour just around the corner, starting in Breaking More Waves home city of Portsmouth, there’s a new non-album track, Bad Place For A Good Time, out for your listening pleasure.

Once more it’s Kate’s love of words that comes across immediately, creating evocative imagery of the city over a solemn piano, buzzy electronics and beats. “There must be more to life than pixels,” Kate raps and initially it seems to be a down and world weary track, but then Kate finds hope: “There’s always some small bit of peace to be found,” she concludes. 

Kate Tempest is pretty damn special.

Kate Tempest - Bad Place For A Good Time

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