Monday 5 January 2015

MK Grands - New Waves

If you want an example of how the internet has made releasing music 100% globalised, here’s another example. Daniel Cartisano aka MK Grands is a Sydney based producer. He uploaded his debut track Thrones to Soundcloud and a couple of sites in Italy and America posted about it. A blogger in the UK (Alphabet Bands) then heard the song and signed Daniel up to release his second release with his new label Morpheme Records. No wonder it’s called the world wide web.

So this is Visionary IX, a modern atmospheric spacey jam brought to you, in a way, via three continents. At only 2 minutes and 37 seconds Visionary IX feels absurdly short, we could have happily let this woozy downtempo loveliness wash over us for quite a lot longer, but we’ll take what we’re given. There will probably be a few James Blake comparisons thrown around with this one, (Blake really has become an influential artist on modern electronic pop hasn’t he?) but if they are then that’s decent enough praise. Certainly MK Grands’ work has the same warped off-centre late night heaviness that Blake has done so well. It's not all Mr Blake sounding though:  “Hold me, touch me,” sings Cartisano in a sweet falsetto and suddenly we’re getting all sorts of sexy Chet Faker ‘vibes’ wash over us. Mmmmm…. Time for a cold shower.

Lovingly plucked from the internet, pucker up for this piece of languid electronic soul. 

MK Grands - Visionary IX 

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