Monday 5 January 2015

Fae - New Waves

We know it’s incredibly shallow to think this way, but have you ever been in a situation where your partner changed their haircut and suddenly you didn’t feel the same way about them anymore? It was a bit like that with our relationship with Danish pop band Just A Number 05272011. They started out as a very interesting off-kilter Knife-like electropop prospect, and then when they changed their name to Battlekat the music just didn’t seem to hit the spot anymore.

Well the good news is that whilst Battlekat appears to be no more, from their ashes rise Fae, and they start with an incredible debut track called Ruok. It’s nearly ten minutes of electronic heaven that begins from a place of placidity before whipping itself into a storm of euphorically full-force ecstasy laden rave-pop. It is dare we say it, truly brilliant; as if all of life had been placed into one A.M.A.Z.I.N.G piece of electronic music. This isn't just a pop song, it's far more than that. Around the 4 minutes 30 mark you'll probably shit yourself.

Originally released last September Ruok has finally found its way to Breaking More Waves. Fae are Jeppe Madsen and Matilde Böcher. If they make more mind-blowing tracks like this soon Jeppe will be able to afford to buy a pair of shoes.

Fae - Ruok

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