Friday 30 January 2015

Emily Burns - Homewrecker

“Lord I’m a homewrecker,” Emily Burns sings on her new spicy not-giving-a-damn pop jam and for a moment you can’t be anything but a little bit taken back. After all Emily sounds such a nice person and yet here she is getting all lusty about someone that she probably really shouldn’t. She knows it as well: “I don’t want to be a homewrecker, I just can’t seem to get over ya.” It will all end in tears we can assure you.

Whatever naughtiness Emily has been up to, we’re immorally glad she has though, as this one grinds and grooves in all the right places, armed with of the moment r’n’b flavours and an earworm of a chorus. On the evidence of the material she’s released to date, we think it’s time someone gave Emily Burns a record deal. Come on music industry.

Emily Burns - Homewrecker

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Unknown said...

heard this on radio 1 recently and i loooove it! searched youtube and iTunes!