Thursday 29 January 2015

Laura Doggett - Old Faces (Video)

Laura Doggett has started 2015 in a way that many new artists can only dream of. Her song Old Faces has had national exposure in the UK thanks to featuring on the trailer for popular TV series Broadchurch and found its way on to BBC Radio 1 via the In New Music We Trust part of the playlist. Then there was her stunning concert by candlelight in the intimate setting of the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse in London, a breathtakingly beautiful Jacobean style galleried theatre space. We were lucky enough to catch the show. Not only did it show off Laura’s incredible deep-set vocal talent (keep an ear out for Beautiful Undone, which if the studio version is anything like the live take will have you physically and emotionally melting), but also her charmingly sweet personality that almost seemed at odds with her singing voice. 

So a good start to our #1 One to Watch for 2015.

Whilst there has already been a studio performance film for Old Faces, yesterday saw the release of the fully choreographed video proper, a simple but stylish black and white piece which finds Laura in almost goddess like form. We’re streaming that below.

If you want to go and see Laura, various opportunities are cropping up, including this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton, supporting BBC Sound of winners Years & Years in London in March and most importantly her own mini homecoming headline tour of the west of England, supported by none other than an artist who we’ve championed almost to excess over the last few years – Alice Jemima. Alice may have nearly disappeared of the musical scene over the last year, (whilst hitting over 2 million plays on her Soundcloud) but keep an eye and ear out for her in 2015, as things are just beginning to bubble. Tickets for the mini tour can be found here.

Laura Doggett - Old Faces (Video)

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