Thursday 22 January 2015

Allie X - Catch (Video)

Allie X stirred up quite a bit of online buzz last year with the songs Catch, Prime and Bitch (all of which were featured on Breaking More Waves) and then things went a little quiet. Now she’s back with an announcement of a new release. CollXtion I will feature all three of those 2014 songs plus four new ones (Hello, Tumor, Good and Sanctuary) and will be available from the 7th April.

It seems that CollXtion I is the first of a series of releases planned for the coming months and according to her people will be some sort of full multimedia experience. “CollXtion I will allow participants to gather songs, videos, digital installations, and other media that begin to fashion the world of a protagonist known as "X."  Designed as both a multimedia, narrative and collaborative experience, CollXtion I will be accompanied by a variety of features, including X's notorious spinning GIFs, some of the raw components used by X to create her striking work such as song stems and photo layers, and a comic which will reveal the first chapter in the Story of X. Items will be released gradually to allow participants to "collect" the ever-growing CollXtion,” is what we’ve been told.

Prior to all that there’s a new video for Catch, which seems to take that spinning GIF video inspiration that Allie X has used before 1 stage further, with its stylish, jerky, motion sickness inducing visuals that seem to have connection with art, science and architecture, taking on a variety of sculptural forms that explore sex, death and sedation. There’s an uneasy alien coldness to the whole piece, but it's weirdly intriguing nonetheless.

Allie X - Catch (Video)

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