Thursday 1 January 2015

Oh Wonder - New Waves

Today we’re introducing a band that over the last few months have been creating something of a new music blog storm. Oh Wonder is a UK pop duo that has been releasing one song a month since their debut Body Gold last September, first under the name Wonder Wonder but they have subsequently changed their name. 

Of course this idea of one track a month isn’t particularly new or original, even back in the 90’s John Peel endorsed indie heroes The Wedding Present did the same, gaining 12 top 30 chart singles with the likes of Blue Eyes, Come Play With Me and Sticky. Yet back in The Wedding Present’s day there wasn’t the rapid turnover of new music and the attention deficit disorder in listeners that comes from it – fans stuck around for longer and were prepared to give bands the benefit of the doubt when they put out a few duffers. As we enter 2015 bands (and particularly new bands) stand or fall on just their last song and so far Oh Wonder have made an impeccable start - 5 songs, all killer no filler. 

The latest addition to the Oh Wonder collection is our favourite so far. It's called The Rain and is a sad electronic slow jam that will have you weak at the knees with it late-night softness and boy-girl vocals (we’re particularly taken with the female one – fans of the likes of Emily And The Woods, Rae Morris and Layla will probably agree). The Rain flows with musical class and melancholy. “Ever since the rain, I’ve been waking on my own, left an open space in a home we built to grow,” it starts before pleading for the unnamed ex-lover to stay.

Who are Oh Wonder? It seems that for now their identities are remaining private, although they revealed to Pigeons and Planes blog a while back that they’ve always been involved in music, “either as artists, songwriters, or behind the desk, and Wonder Wonder is a culmination of all our experience and knowledge from the last few years.” It also seems that they won’t be revealing who they are in the near future as this appears to be very much a studio project with no plans to play live yet. The band plan to release their album exactly 1 year to the day they put their first song on line, so put September 1st in your diary now.

Take a listen to this sad lonely lovely electronic pop.

Oh Wonder - The Rain

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