Monday 12 January 2015

Florrie - Too Young To Remember (Video)

Florrie’s choppy new pop song Too Young To Remember probably isn’t about how long she’s been tipped as One To Watch by the people of the internet; but let’s face it, it’s been some time now. In fact it’s nearly 5 years since she put her first record out.

Thankfully with its sharp hook and lyrical retro references that include video games (Super Mario), movies (Karate Kid) and even song titles (Madonna’s Justify My Love and EMF’s Unbelievable – good choices Florrie) as well as some MØ like ‘heys’ after the main hook, Florrie can remain on that One to Watch list, because this one’s the pop equivalent of a snappy dresser.

The simple video, which features a colour palette that’s like a softer version of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass finds even more retro references - Frankie Goes To Hollywood T-Shirts rebranded as Florrie ones, slinkys, floppy disks, cassettes, a rather oddly coloured Rubik’s cube and big hair. Yet despite all the nostalgia here Too Young To Remember sounds likely a relatively modern pop song. 

The oddest thing about this video? It was ‘premiered’ about half an hour ago today by of all people – fashion retailer H&M. (#HMLovesMusic they tweeted). What’s odd about this? First, because we watched the video yesterday on a Japanese website, so we’re a bit confused about this premier stuff and what it actually means. Second because, well, it’s H&M. (But don’t forget folks #HMLovesMusic). But never mind all that, its the music that's important not who hosts it and Too Young To Remember is a solid piece of toe tapping pop.

Florrie - Too Young To Remember (Video)

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Stu Basham said...

Cool song. Interesting that H&M premiered it but exactly what you said. It's about the music and it's not a bad song!