Friday 2 January 2015

The Night VI - Too Late To Lie

The internet is a funny place. Some songs go from recorded form to being streamed in public in a matter of seconds (sometimes before the artist has wanted it to happen – hi Madonna) whereas others gestation period is months or years. It’s the later in the case of Too Late To Lie by The Night VI, which was first mentioned way back in 2013 in this interview with The 405 but finally sees the light of day now.

Too Late To Lie starts a little differently from the songs on the band’s previous EP (the wonderful D-I-Y EP, one of our favourite EPs of 2014) with a simple piano refrain creating the backing, although the song is instantly recognisable as The Night VI’s due to Sophie Rose Harper’s silken soothing voice. Gradually the tune grows into something that bears more similarity to the work on the DIY EP. It’s a graceful and artistically accomplished tune that in a modern pop world of auto-tuning , pitch shifting and over the top production sounds as un-gimmicky as it’s possible to be. It’s all the better for it.

If you like this song you can get it now by pre-ordering The Night VI’s next EP on vinyl/CD here. You will then get the MP3 version of Too Late To Lie straight away as well as every other song revealed until release date. It’s also worth signing up to the band’s mailing list this week as by doing so you'll get a free download of a covers EP. Go here for that.

The Night VI - Too Late To Lie

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