Tuesday 27 January 2015

Slow Club - Tears Of Joy (Video)

What would it be like to be on tour? If your brain operates in any way similar to ours and you’re not a musician or part of their team you’ll probably have pondered this question at some point in your life.*

It seems to us that bands can spend an awful lot of time sitting in a tour bus / van / car doing nothing of any real value. Some of the possible options to fill that time seem to be:

1. The tired / lazy option: Basically sleeping and not a lot else.

2. The rock n roll option : This probably involves lots of booze, lots of drugs and lots of sex with people that you probably wouldn’t be having sex with if it wasn’t for the fact that you are in a band. This option is probably less realistic in the car or van scenario unless you have very open minded band mates and is more likely in the bus scenario. Basically the larger the band the greater opportunity for bad behavior.

3. The keeping yourself busy with stuff that is designed to keep yourself busy option: Video games, books, films, listening to music, facebook, twitter or inventing your own entertainment such as playing noughts and crosses on misted up windows or a jolly game of charades / I spy etc.

4. The writing new music option: We once heard a rumour that David Guetta writes a new track on his laptop every time he takes a flight. This would explain a lot. 

5. The business option: Everything from sorting out your accounts to doing radio interviews over the phone. Fundamentally everything else that is associated with the music business that isn’t about creating music. This is the efficient band's option of choice.

6. The annoying option: Fundamentally stemming from being bored and not being able to do any of the above, this option involves doing anything that annoys your travel partners, often when they’re trying to do something else. 

7. The filming the dreaded ‘tour highlights’ video option: Which will involve you staring out of the window looking thoughtful, you getting up to some high 'comedy jinx' and quite possibly you strumming an acoustic guitar.

Here’s a new video for Slow Club’s Tears of Joy from one of our most played records of 2014, Complete Surrender. It’s THAT dreaded tour highlights film, in which we see the group ticking off a number of the above including the tired / lazy option and the keeping themselves busy option (noughts and crosses feature). Thankfully there's none of the sexy druggy rock ‘n’ roll option. 

There’s also a model railway, which is nice. And some previously unseen footage of Charles ‘keeping it real’ and doing some ironing. You wouldn’t get that from Lady Gaga would you?

*Footnote: If any bands that we like would like to invite us on tour for a week, we’d be more than happy to oblige. We’re pretty clean, well behaved and easy to get on with, so we wouldn’t be any bother. We could probably write a blog about it and make you world famous. Possibly. Thanks.

Slow Club - Tears Of Joy (Video)

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