Tuesday 6 January 2015

Chimes - New Waves

Imagine if an indie band flew off to the sunny Iberian Peninsula (Ryan Air or Easy Jet of course, these are hard times for fledgling bands) and spent a week popping pills and listening to Calvin Harris. The result might just be Silvia by Chimes, a band we know absolutely nothing about except they’re featured on the forthcoming New Moons Volume 3 compilation from Killing Moon, curated with the help of Ally McRae. If you like music that quite literally takes off, with the biggest brightest synth riffs and beats that go BOOM then you’re going to explode when you hear this. Is it cheesy? You bet. In fact it’s the sound of a cheddar spaceship flying to the stars, but we can’t deny it, we’re throwing any credibility that we may have had out of the window and admitting that this one makes us feel like we’re already floating up there. 

Health and safety warning – wear a hard hat before listening, you might well be bouncing your head on the ceiling as you're jumping for joy. No jokes about ear defenders please - we've told you what it sounds like - if it doesn't sound like your thing proceed with extreme caution.

You can hear the whole of the New Moons Volume 3 compilation here.

Chimes - Silvia

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