Monday 26 January 2015

Stornoway - The Road You Didn't Take (Video)

If there’s one thing that makes Stornoway such a good band (besides good songs obviously) it’s that they are the antithesis of the In Da Club / Do What We Want Without Giving A Shit culture that has grown up around pop music over the last few years. They’re a group with a wider perspective on the world and a real sense of identity and character. Imagine if Jessie J / Rita Ora / Nicki Minaj etc became Dr’s of Ornithology and titled their albums after a Hebridean seabird stating that they  “wanted to feel more connected to the outdoors “ and “wanted to feel small,” as they moved to wilder corner of Britain. Of course it couldn’t be guaranteed to make their homogenous pop music any more interesting, but maybe at least they’d be singing about something a little less inane than: “Bang bang into the room, I know you want it, bang bang all over you, I'll let you have it,” or whatever nonsense they’re yelping about this time.

So here’s Stornoway’s latest; The Road You Didn’t Take. It’s a gentle piece of pastoral folk pop that has an airy and weightless sound to it. You’ll never hear this one in da club thankfully although if you do, let us know and we'll come and have a little sway around with you on the dancefloor. 

Stornoway release their third album Bonxie (it’s that seabird we mentioned, also known as a great skua) on the 13th April via Cooking Vinyl. Bizarrely the album was produced by Gil Norton, better known for his production work with rockers such as Pixies, Foo Fighters and Twin Atlantic.

Stornoway -The Road You Didn't Take (Video)

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