Thursday 11 April 2013

The Colourist - Yes Yes

When we introduced The Colourist as a ‘new wave’ last month their song Little Games had just a few hundred plays on Soundcloud, yet now it’s picked up an impressive 100,000+ and all sorts of adoration from all sorts of places. We’d love to claim that this was all because of Breaking More Waves but of course it’s not. No, Little Games grew from small shoots to be one of those blog frenzy Hype Machine conquering tracks, for the simple reason it sounds like a great feel good summer hit and plenty of bloggers could recognise that, even if in our own country it’s supposedly spring and feels like winter. 

Whilst we fancied ourselves as a proper on the case blogger with Little Games, picking up on the track just hours after its release, we’re a little later to the party with Yes Yes which has been floating around  the world wide web for a few days now and is working its way up the Hype Machine charts. Whilst sometimes it is nice to be first to post (we wrote about why we’re not ashamed to admit that here) it’s also not something that bothers us and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t bother you our average reader (not that we’re saying you’re average – every one of our readers is very special and unique – if we could take you all to dinner and then back to ours after for ahem 'coffee', we really would). So here it is. Avid blog / Hype Machine followers will have already heard it, but a lot of people won’t. 

Yes Yes continues where Little Games left off, with more energy than Usain Bolt and more hooks than Mohammad Ali. It’s the kind of thing that you’d expect to crop up on a Kitsuné label compilation; namely sprightly indie pop that (if you are like us) will make you smile and dance like you've just won the lottery. Say yes again to The Colourist.

The Colourist - Yes Yes

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