Thursday 4 April 2013

Florrie - Live A Little (Video)

If pop music was a ladder, we’re wondering what rung Florrie would be on now. In fact we’re wondering what type of ladder she would actually have at all. Would it be one of of those d-i-y step ladders that are never quite tall enough to make it easy to access your loft space or would she borrow a big long straight one from a window cleaner or builder and then realise that she can’t actually get it through the door of her house to access what she wants. Think about it. We may have just made some deep symbolic comment about the hierarchy of pop music, major labels, indies, what success actually is and scaling the dizzy heights. Or we could have just written a paragraph of complete waffle about devices designed to assist you in vertical travel.

Anyway, Florrie is taking her time with these ladders of pop which is fine with us if when she does attempt to put a foot on the next step it's as fun as Live A Little, which we’re told isn’t a single as such, just a gift. It also backs a campaign for some new in ear headphones, but as we're not getting those as a gift we're not stating what brand they are.

Live A Little is as punchy as Cheryl Cole in a Guildford nightclub with brassy stabs, police sirens and rocky guitars, but it all manages to contain itself within a hooky pop format. This is a good thing. Oh, and based on the fact that every drummer shows off their sex face whilst drumming, below you get to see Florrie’s (also see above). Now that's something to commit to memory.

Florrie - Live A Little (Video)

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