Sunday 28 April 2013

Laurel - Blue Blood

Is Laurel Arnell Cullen Britain’s answer to Lana Del Rey? Certainly there’s no denying that her song Blue Blood, the first new material since we introduced her almost a year ago with her song Next Time (here) carries many of the hallmarks of Lizzy Grant. From the way she sings “now we're filthy rich, sitting on the tail end of love,” in that same breathy coy girlish voice that the American songstress has used to some effect, to the haunting strings, pianos and beats, the similarity is obvious.

But irrespective of if the south coast singer is simply bandwagon jumping or not, Blue Blood is rather good; it’s full of emotional charge and musical restraint. “You made me feel again, made me dance circles, round the pieces of your heart,” coos Laurel of her beau. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another year for a further song, but it seems not, more new material may be on its way. Apparently she only wrote Blue Blood last week, produced it herself and uploaded it in what seems to be a moment of unbound spontaneity. 

However, in the year that has passed from when we first featured her on Breaking More Waves a lot does seem to have happened. She inked a deal with Turnfirst Recordings, has been beavering away under the radar writing and recording and has played a few low key London shows. Also rather amusingly she was featured in The Sun newspaper as a ‘mystery blonde’ alongside Conor Maynard (another Turnfirst artist). Thankfully though Blue Blood is a long way musically from anything Maynard has released.

Laurel - Blue Blood

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this is very nice. her voice is simply amazing. love this record.