Tuesday 2 April 2013

Beatrice Eli - New Waves

According to Wikipedia musicologists define pop music by five main characteristics, one of which is a tendency to reflect existing trends rather than progressive developments. Based on this definition alone Sweden’s Beatrice Eli is most certainly making pop music. For her songs seem to grasp a whole clutch of bang on trend sounds and merge them into one composite whole. If this statement appears negative, it isn’t. We love pop music. Not every piece of art can be progressive and when it is, it’s often utter bollocks. What’s more important is the quality of the art, which of course is a highly subjective marker, but as you’re reading this music blog we hope that you don’t just visit it for food and sex analogies (we’re sorry to anyone who is visiting today expecting to see live streams of a music blogger eating his breakfast under the banner Tasty Tuesday, but surely it was obvious it was an April Fool yesterday wasn’t it?) and actually come here to listen to some great tunes as well and trust us to bring you that quality.

So press play on Violent Silence below and see what you think. Pretty good huh? We think so. It’s as if Adele, Paloma or Amy (R.I.P) jumped in the studio, shouted “let’s get a bit more modern, throw in some big Florence and the Machine style drums, a few electronic flourishes and a plus size hooky chorus and we’ll be onto a winner – well at least Breaking More Waves blog will like it.” Beatrice would of course be right, although she didn’t hook our ears immediately; there’s two other songs floating around online (The Conqueror and It’s Over) that passed us by. We can’t imagine the postman whistling those two as much as Violent Silence. Still, 1 out of 3 is still a good start. Let’s see what happens next.

Beatrice Eli - Violent Silence

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