Tuesday 9 April 2013

Curxes - Further Still (Video)

So who wants some glock-rock then?

With their first ever performance video Breaking More Waves favourite boy-girl UK south coast blog-crush band Curxes step out of the shadows like an alternative glockenspiel tapping version of the Pet Shop Boys with a sprinkling of Lynchian serenity. Anyone expecting Roberta in a bikini top and denim cut-offs, pouting and panting like a sex starved Britney Spears whilst a shirtless Macaulay thrusts his way across the strobe lit dance floor swigging champagne before taking on the ladies will be sorely disappointed, but then frankly they’ve got the wrong band haven’t they? We can’t really ever imagine Curxes being “in da club,” and frankly they are all the better for it. Probably.

Instead we get a taxidermy studio with both band members fulfilling the experimental dreams of a slightly crazed practitioner. There’s probably some deep and artistic meaning behind the film to do with the death of something (love?) and wanting to keep it alive, but we’ll leave that to the psychologists amongst you to figure out. Watch out for the slightly creepy / funny ending as well.

The dead good news is that Further Still is available as a free download from here. They will also be playing live in the dead centre of London alongside fellow Blog Sound of 2013 long listers Seasfire at Madame Jo Jo’s on May 7th. People will just be dying to get in there. Sorry about these grave jokes. We undertake to do no more.

Curxes - Further Still (Video)

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