Saturday 20 April 2013

Eilidh Hadden - New Waves

The Scottish Ellie Goulding? Well, certainly Eilidh Hadden’s song Close To Home is going to draw comparisons, but as far as tunes go this is a blinder. It’ll take about twenty seconds of listening before you’ll be calling a surgeon, because the ‘ha-oh’ hook that Eilidh chants will be lodged so dangerously deep in your brain the only way of extracting it will be to cut it out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

So who is Eilidh Hadden? The little we’ve been able to find out so far indicates a musical family background and some early recordings as part of Creative Scotland's Youth Music initiative with producer Andrew Mitchell. Eilidh was invited to record three songs at An Tobar Studios on the Isle of Mull, the results of which (Between Those Lines, Never Be Your Home and Cannibal) found their way onto her debut EP last year. There’s also a couple of cover versions on You Tube, but it’s with Close To Home that Eilidh really begins to take on the world.

It seems that it isn’t only our ears that are pricking up to Close To Home, the song having received airplay via Amazing Radio and Radio 1 via the BBC Introducing route, it has also somewhat bizarrely been on the TV during an episode of Made In Chelsea as well as getting some words via the Edwards The Confessor blog, who originally brought Eilidh to our attention.

OK, get ready stomping drums and perfectly placed electronics, here comes Eilidh Hadden.

Eilidh Hadden - Close To Home

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