Friday 19 April 2013

Lexy & The Kill - New Waves

Today we’re introducing a new band called Lexy & The Kill. Here are 10 facts / opinions / things we may have elaborated about them that you need to know.

1. Lexy & The Kill hail from Glasgow but like Dick Whittington and his cat headed to London where the streets are paved with gold to seek their fame and fortune.

2. Unlike Dick Whittington there is no cat in the band. But the bit about London and the gold really is true, especially in Hammersmith. Honestly.

3. The group has already supported Paloma Faith and We Are Scientists. We assume that this fact means that they have played live with these artists, not that We Are Scientists were about to fall over and Lexy & The Kill built a scaffold to keep them upright or that they cupped Paloma’s bra-less breasts to stop them looking like udders.

4. They have just released a new video for their song We Can Dance Alone which is about unrequited love and was produced by the Nexus (who has worked with Lana Del Rey and Hurts). If you don’t know the Nexus, wait for it...... one of them is David Sneddon, the winner of the BBC’s Fame Academy show in 2002. Don’t let that put you off though, Sneddon has developed a career away from the limelight as a very successful songwriter.

5. We Can Dance Alone is a stomping, ballsy number and we’re guessing would sound toweringly good live, especially as Lexy has a fine set of vocal chords on her.

6. The band’s music isn’t all full throttle fist pumping rock pop though. Black Dog, the song we’re streaming below via Soundcloud nuzzles more gently against the ears.

7. They sign their emails to bloggers “Lots of love Lexy and the Kill xox.” Which is nice. We can’t imagine Jay-Z doing that can you? But then he’s a busy man and probably doesn’t spend his time reading or writing to music blogs.

8. The promo picture we received for Lexy & The Kill only features Lexy. We assume that either The Kill are very shy, very ugly, very busy and couldn’t make the shoot (maybe they were hanging out with Jay-Z?), or maybe Lexy has murdered them hence the band name.

9. Just to check our statement about the cat earlier we did five seconds of detective work on Google searching for Lexy & The Kill Cat to see if we could find if any of their number owned one, but that simply led us to watching video streams of this bunch of dodgy misfits.

10. If Paloma Faith's breasts ever did look like udders, the same elongated sag could happen to Lexy's ears if she continues to wear earrings like the ones in the picture.

Lexy & The Kill - Black Dog

Lexy & The Kill - We Can Dance Alone (Video)

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