Tuesday 16 April 2013

Thief - New Waves

Born. Crawl. Walk. School. Sing. Play. That’s the simple biography that Brit-synth duo Thief ration us with on their Facebook page. In fact Thief appear to be to be keeping everything contained, from the minimal information they give away about themselves on the internet to their alluring icy synth pop tunes. Sung with a cool and slightly expressionless tone like a Lykke Li 2.0 in training, the sound of Thief is dominated by big slices of back to the future pulses and keyboard kisses. It might not sonically be full of the dirt and heat of rock ‘n’ roll but then neither were Kraftwerk; the man (or woman) machine can still be very seductive without the sweat. Plus let's not forget the words being sung, Friend / Lover is at a very primitive level about wanting sex.

Based in Holloway, London, Thief is Charlotte Mallory and Fin Munro (Londoner's may recognise Fin's name as the founder of the Bad Sex Club night at Camden's Proud).We first came across them a few days ago thanks to the ever flowing mine of new music discovery that is Crack In The Road who get their second mention on this blog in just a few days after we reported that Josh from the site was the first to find the Jai Paul unauthorised Bandcamp leak. You can read a recent interview with Josh about his views on blogging here – his obsessive cataloguing of new bands via an Excel spreadsheet takes new music blogging to even higher levels of geekiness. So many thanks to CITR for another discovery and making it easy for us to pass Thief on to you. Let's just hope that this Bandcamp stream, unlike Jai Paul, is fully authorised.

Thief - Friend / Lover

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