Wednesday 3 April 2013

Misty Miller - Anything For You

Have a listen to this. It’s straight up, ballsy rock n roll with just a hint of blues and country. It’s trashy and full of life. It could have been from pretty much any decade but it’s from right here right now. It’s by someone who hasn’t even hit twenty yet. She used to play the ukulele and sing sweet little ditties about love. They were the kind of songs we’d probably have sat back with a glass of sweet lemonade and sighed about missing summer. Now she’s playing like a girl possessed, thrashing out  tunes that we’d like to hear underground in a dirty dark sweaty room, tipsily swigging on a bottle of Jack Daniels and throwing ourselves around in a tangled mess of thrashing heated up bodies.

You want reference points? We did that here. At two minutes and thirty seconds Anything for You doesn’t know the meaning of time wasting. It’s the metaphoric version of kicking the door down in just your underwear, taking a shot at someone’s head and getting out again before anyone has even noticed.

Taken from her 5 track Next To You EP which is due on May 12th, we’re pretty fired up for Misty Miller right now. She's the devil woman and we like it. Right now we'd do anything for her, but to quote Meatloaf we won't do THAT.

Misty Miller - Anything For You

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