Friday 5 April 2013

Candy Says - New Waves

We’re not sure if Candy Says take their name from the song written about transsexual Candy Darling on The Velvet Underground’s eponymous third album or if it’s just an odd reference to talking sweets, but what we do know is that this Oxford four piece make what they describe as Lo-Fi chic pop. We also know that amongst their number is Juju who you may remember from the rock band Little Fish. They were once signed to major labels both in the UK and US.

The debut Candy Says song is a long way from Little Fish though. Melt Into The Sun is a clattering romp that takes part of the wailing melody of Shakira’s She Wolf into the territory of indie pop along with whistles, handcaps, tambourines and a drum full of percussion. It’s a little rough around the edges, sounding like it could benefit from a bit of big studio polish, but if that was the case they’d have to lose the Lo-Fi tag wouldn’t they? The question we’re asking is this: Is the Lo-Fi aspect of Candy Says’ sound by choice or by circumstance? We don’t know the answer, but if anyone does can we have answers on a postcard please? And another question, why is the group’s website an Italian one? Is it just so their band name becomes Candy Says it? In which case what is the it? In fact what does Candy Say at all? Here’s hoping someone can help us answer these important facts. We like facts, knowledge is power etc etc.

Melt Into The Sun is available to download from the bands Bandcamp for free, and there’s also a vintage style boxing vs dancing video to accompany it which you can see here. The band has gigs lined up in London, Oxford and some festival slots including Dot To Dot, Big Brill Camp and Lodestar if you fancy checking them out more.

Candy Says - Melt Into The Sun

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