Sunday 21 April 2013

Snakehips (Featuring George Maple) - On & On

Jess Higgs, better known as George Maple follows up the rather seductive twosome of Fixed and Uphill (featured here) with a new collaboration with North London producer Snakehips. The song’s blissed out after-club electronic r’n’b atmosphere and soulful vocal delivery bring an immediate comparison with Jessie Ware but with the sound of an old school console game blasting away giving it a slightly trippy electronic feel. It’s as if Snakehips has been soaking up sun-drenched good times down on the beach and the seaside attractions then taken them home and fingered them into his laptop. Give it six months and it will probably be cropping up on all those horrendous chill out compilation CD’s they sell in garages and we’ll be sick of it, but let’s just enjoy the ride for this moment and not worry about the future. This billowing beauty sounds fabulous.

Snakehips featuring George Maple - On & On

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