Monday, 10 March 2014

Young Summer - Don't You Want Me

Our second cover version post in a row.

The common consensus when discussing new romantic superstars The Human League is that Don’t You Want Me is their greatest song. It was certainly their biggest hit and most widely played. Even these days if you tune in to any radio station that plays 80’s music you probably won’t have to wait very long to hear it. We actually prefer Mirror Man, but wouldn’t deny that Don’t You Want Me is still class.

Class is the operative word here with this cover of the song that Young Summer has recently uploaded to the web, just a few days after her new soft-synth diamond Taken, which also references the 80’s, although the later part of it, sounding like it could have easily found a place on the Top Gun soundtrack from 1986 alongside Berlin’s Take My Breath Away (here Taken here)

However synths are not to the fore with this cover. Instead Young Summer creates a sophisticated easy listening piano ballad, the kind of tune that could quite easily be playing in that cocktail bar that the song references. Cosmopolitan’s all round then everyone?

Young Summer - Don't You Want Me

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