Monday, 17 March 2014

Laurel - To The Hills (Video)

Today Breaking More Waves is ripping up it's own self-written rule book (The Rules Of Blogging Version 1.0) about only posting once or twice a day  and instead throwing double the usual number of posts at you, because quite simply there’s so much great new music we want to bring you and like a 5 year old at Christmas we can’t wait.

Here’s our final one of those four posts. It features sultry pop star in the making Laurel, who has today released her finest song to date. To The Hills (which thankfully isn't a reinterpretation of the Iron Maiden song Run To The Hills) is a grand piece of brooding and valley straddling magnificence that deserves your repeated attention.

“Into the hills, cry the tears of the crocodiles. Lost feet on the road, said I love you so I don't have to be alone,” Laurel begins before pulling us into a journey of dramatic and grandiose orchestral pop. Big doesn't always mean best but this is one is. Highly impressive – let Laurel take you into the garden of angels.

Laurel - To The Hills (Video)

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