Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fear Of Men - Luna (Video)

Here’s another band that we haven’t featured for a long time on Breaking More Waves (last seen in Camden in 2012) so let’s make things right. Here are some facts:

1. The new single from Fear Of Men is called Luna. Lead singer Jess looks very serious in the video, but that’s probably because she’s holding a live snake. Dance routines probably weren’t an option.

2. To be fair Fear of Men don’t sound like a band who would do dance routines. Their music isn’t exactly full of four to the floor beats, instead it mixes a gentle pop etherealness that harks back to a day when indie music was somehow purer and only for the alternative kids; 90’s 4AD label etherealness combined with a chiming and charming guitar pop nuance would be our summary. 

3. Whilst she might not be much of a dancer, it appears Jess likes to live dangerously. When she’s not got a snake coiled around her neck she’s standing inches away from having an arrow shot through her heart, an idea taken from artist Marina Abramovic and her performance piece Rest Energy, which is about placing yourself in a vulnerable position. We hope that if Jess is to continue this line of performance in her videos that she has carried out a suitable risk assessment (otherwise the Health and Safety gang will be out) and has valid insurance cover in place. 

4. Maybe next time the band will be inspired by Abramovic’s 1976 piece Relation In Space, the concept of which was two naked bodies running and hitting each other frontally and increasing the speed for one hour. We’ll let you know if the band get in contact with us and ask for volunteers.

5. Fear of Men will be out supporting another old school indie band The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart in April and May, which makes a lot of sense musically, and have a few UK shows to warm up for that. An album, Loom, is due on the 21st April which you can pre-order now from here.

Fear Of Men - Luna (Video)

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