Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cuckoo Lander - New Waves

We mentioned the other day that we’re always a little bit sceptical when a popular musician suddenly tweets about their new favourite song or artist, particularly when it’s one that’s virtually unknown (in this case one with 45 followers on Twitter and 346 likes on Facebook). It suggests some sort of label / management / industry connection. After all some artists don’t even manage their own twitter accounts (even if it appears it's them tweeting) so it would be pretty easy for their on-line PR company to access their account and tweet a quick plug for another artist they’re working for. 

So when we spotted a tweet from one of our favourite pop people Charli XCX  stating that her favourite song was by a new artist who goes by the name of Cuckoo Lander our initial reaction was the same as someone telling us that unicorns were actually real. 

Then we pressed play and our cynicism was blown away. For Cuckoo Lander’s debut song Dumb Dee Diddy Dumb has a pop sensibility and vocal structure not that dissimilar to Denmark’s MØ, but in this case the punchy aggressive electronics are mainly replaced with gnarly devlish guitars that riff ‘n’ roll around with a teeth clenching dirtiness that make us feel grubby but giddy, and we like that. 

So who is Cuckoo Lander? Come on now, you know how this works with new artists these days; we’re meant to have no idea. The black and white video (here) which features people doing weird moves with pillows at least shows us what her face looks like and her Facebook goes as far as telling us she’s based in London. That’s probably what most blogs will tell you. However one quick search on Twitter shows us that Cuckoo Lander is one Holly Hardy and that she’s played in who else but Charli XCX’s band. Connection made.

Cuckoo Lander - Dumb Dee Diddy Dumb

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