Monday, 31 March 2014

Fickle Friends - Play

A music blog is like a public diary, enabling anyone to rifle through the pages of events of yesteryear and discover past lovers. For instance, turn back to 2008 when Breaking More Waves was just learning to crawl and you’ll find us predicting one of our Ones To Watch 2009 as Skint & Demoralised. Then just a few months later, when we were still carrying live reviews, we said of Skint & Demoralised: “Unfortunately, Breaking More Waves prediction last year of Skint and Demoralised being one to watch seems just a little misplaced for now.” (Here) It’s a topsy-turvy unpredictable world out there. Sometimes things don’t work out and our relationships with particular artists is a bit like being fickle friends.

Sometimes things do work out though, even for fickle friends. Or in this case Fickle Friends, the Brighton based five-piece who have well and truly hit the buzz button hard. Since our first post on them last December, when their song I Want / You Want captured our attention (here), things have been on an upward trajectory. They’ve gone from just a couple of thousand plays on Soundcloud to over 370,000 in three months and today within seconds of new song Play being unveiled you can almost hear the tap-tapping of bloggers keyboards as they rush to be one of the first to get the song on line. No doubt by the time you read this it will already be on some sites, but we’re so damn f*cking excited about their songs that, we’re jumping in and posting relatively early after the track has been released. 

Play is a tune that once again musically sets the heart racing with a giddy pop bounce, even if the lyrics aren't all about bunny rabbits, sunshine and rainbows. “Play is about seeing someone who’s losing their passion. It's a continuation of the characters from Swim. She’s getting nostalgic as he becomes less interested in everything,” says lead singer Natti. “Baby you don’t play it like you used to,” she sings on the chorus. Well,we’re still playing big for Fickle Friends, there’s no diminishing passion here at Breaking More Waves.

Fickle Friends next live date is in London at The Shacklewell Arms in London on April 9, with plenty more live shows throughout spring and summer including slots at festivals such as Sound City, The Great Escape, Leefest, Truckfest and Secret Garden Party. Play is available to buy on iTunes right now. Do it. The music of Fickle Friends will make your day that much better.  

Final thought. #FF on twitter was named as such because of Fickle Friends – TRUE FACT.


Fickle Friends - Play 

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