Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Beech - New Waves

One of the eternal internal debates a new music blog writer / editor will have is what is new and what isn’t. Should a song not be featured simply because it’s been online for a number of months? When does new music stop being new? 

Today’s new band Beech who consist of Josh Beech (see what he did there?) and Oliver Som have certainly been around for a while. They document their exact time of formation as ‘hazy’ but acknowledge working together as far back as autumn 2012 and released their first EP We Are The Masters Of Our Fate a year ago. Since then have released a further single called Lovers last September. With around 11,000 plays on Soundcloud for Lovers we’re assuming that there’s a whole world of ears out there that haven’t yet heard Beech and therefore we can still very much bundle them up as new. For those who are already familiar with the band we apologise and promise to try harder.

We’re streaming two of Beech’s songs below. The first is the aforementioned Lovers. Its initial 30 seconds are somewhat misleading; what it sounds like you are going to get is an earthy, slightly scratchy sounding alt.folk tune. Don’t be fooled for it grows into a driving expansive piece reminiscent of another Breaking more Waves favourite, Sons & Lovers, who also do pop with one foot on a rockier mountain. There’s also a hint of Of Monsters & Men when the female backing vocal comes into play. Lovers has a melody and beautiful lyrical hook that nags gently at the ears and won’t go away. “We’re just lovers, like no others, ‘cos I was just a half until I found you,” sings lead vocalist Josh and we can imagine the worlds romantics falling instantly for this song. The second tune London Riots (from their EP), has a spirit-raising musicality that is in stark contrast with the anarchy and violence of the black and white footage of the 2011 riots shown in the video. 

Take a listen and keep an eye and ear out for Beech as more music is promised soon.

Beech - Lovers

Beech - London Riots (Video)

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