Monday, 17 March 2014

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - We Talked Again

With the 2014 Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition final just a couple of weeks away, today we’re delighted to welcome last year’s winners Bridie Jackson & The Arbour back into the fold. We Talked Again is the band’s first single to be released from their forthcoming album New Skin

The label ‘eagerly anticipated’ is often thrown around when a band ready themselves to release new material, but certainly this is a record that has been the subject of much impatience in Breaking More Waves HQ.

We Talked Again will already be familiar to existing fans as an earlier take of the song can be found on their Bitter Lullabies LP and a live recording on their Prolong single. This is a totally reworked version though - a bold and expressive piece of music that manages to bring an almost chest thumping stir with its cellos, strings and choral harmonies one moment and then attain a beautiful lullaby intimacy the next through its use of bell chimes, piano and Bridie’s magical vocal. It’s not often we throw around words like unique, but this is getting pretty damn close to it. Imagine this played in a candle lit chapel; that would be pretty special.

Extra marks to the band as well for wearing proper boots that look like they’ve seen some life in their photo shoot. Bridie Jackson & The Arbour are girls after our own heart.

Put it in your diaries now - We Talked Again is released on the 7th April. The band are also out on tour, full dates are here.

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - We Talked Again

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